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Welcome to where you will literally find HUNDREDS of movies you haven't seen or heard of before.  These films are among the best 2000 films ever made according to numerous critics and only films that have a recommendation are included in the database. All films are rated A (for superior production values, performances or scripts) or B (fun to watch).  The only negative section of our site is the Turkey Farm, where you may choose some posters of the worst films ever made!

In the upcoming weeks, we will be uploading a great deal of movie-related content, including Year by Year reviews of the best movies of all time, reviews of over 2500 of the best movies ever made, movie trivia, a special Chinese movie section, and a page with great movie memorabilia you can buy right here on the site through PAYPAL.  And for you writers out there, we will also have a writer's pitch page called Script Teasers where you can place a segment of your work for free to show any interested agents or buyers. All this and much more coming to a theater (website) near you. Become a member and join!            

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